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Payam has been my life coach since August. He is very patient, understanding and knowledgeable. He focuses on the right topics at the right time. I'm a calmer, less nervous person today because of his help. He offered me a free session and I was hooked after that. You should try it too!

Salehe Sally Vahaji

Technical Manager, Noblis

Mr.Haghani is a great life coach. I was his client for some time. He helped me optimize my life step by step. He is a great listener and provided many insights into my problems.


Mitra Naseri
Quality Control Analyst II, Lentigen Technology, Inc

Working with Payam was an awesome experience. I approach my day knowing I am “enough”, with greater acceptance, and love for myself. I highly recommend working with Payam.

Robin Donahue Bechtel

Financial Advisor/Registered Principal at Independent Financial Group, LLC

Payam has been amazing since the first day I met him. Encouraging, positive and caring, he supported me in every way I needed and exactly how I needed it. I would recommend Payam anytime anywhere.

Sebastian Di Giuseppe

Project Manager, Executive Coach

Payam is an awesome coach, he is personable and is a joy to work with! I would recommend him if you are interested in coaching. 

Jared Anderson

Grab em by herart Coach

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Payam. I thoroughly enjoy my time working with Payam and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to our team. Payam is honest, dependable, hard-working and always willing to learn and take on new challenges.

Marie Kirkpatrick

Operating Training Coordinator 

Working with Payam is a rewarding experience. His presence and reflection allow for deeper awareness and clarity on challenges. I really enjoy his perspective and his gentle but firm accountability. Our time working together is valuable to my business growth and expansion.

Theresa Grisanti

Holistic Energy Coach 

He is a five stars coach and I definitely recommend him to work with, the last a few months that I worked with him he taught me a lot.

Omid Amini

Amazon merchandiser

Payam brings a refreshingly positive, deeply genuine and enthusiastic approach to business coaching.

Dr. Britt-Mari Sykes

Integrative Career Coach

Payam is an awesome heart-centered Coach that will stand for your greatness and hold you accountable to living out what you declare for your life!

Veronica Mathew

Career Coach & HR Consultant