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My 16 days cross country trip

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Follow your passion & follow your dreams!

It is all about being aware of what do we love in our life!

who do we want to be? what is your life purpose?

I have started following my passion 3.5 years ago by moving from Iran to US and starting a new life here from scratch. All difficulties that I have experienced, all the sadness and depression time that I have faces because of several breakdowns that I have experienced and also cultural shock that I have encountered in this period of time has not stopped me from following my passion and being love, kind and joy in my life. After traveling to San Diego I have felt that I found peace and my new home and I have decided to get out of my comfort zone again and leave Washington DC forever and move to San Diego since February 2018. The moment that I left DC, I have had amazing experiences through my stays in Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Bisbee, Tombstone and finally San Diego.

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