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Payam is a Certified Executive and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Lightworker and

Social Impacter. His Essence is Heart, Honor, Vision, Zeal, and Delight. He is a graduate of a year-long Ontological Coaching program with Accomplishment Coaching and a proud member of the International Coach Federation ( ICF ). He got his Master's degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Tehran in 2014. He is Certified in Authentic Relating program that is about communication and relationship practices. He enjoys energy healing, and he is Reiki level 2 attuned. Payam has seven years of experience in sales & online sales in a variety of industries in Iran and the US. Here is his story on how he has transformed his experience through Coaching: 


"After 30 years of experience, I started living my life purpose joyfully. In September 2014, I moved to the United States as an immigrant from Iran to establish my American dream. Like most people, I have been through a lot of ups and downs, experiencing both dark days and breakthroughs.

He shares: "At first, I thought amenities and circumstances would make my dream life possible. There was something very significant missing: my inner power. As I became aware of my thoughts and energies, I was able to have a breakthrough. I realized that it was my inner world, not the outer, that created my experiences. Having this awareness and the desire to access and express my highest qualities, I allowed the process of transformation to unfold. My passion for life is what allowed me to change my thoughts and limiting believes in abundance and happiness by living in the present moment, creating goal-oriented accountability, and taking actions from a purposeful state. I manifested a beautiful life through the power of bridging my being and doing.

My goal is to support you to do the very same process for yourself!"

My question for you is:   


   How deeply do you value living a fulfilling life by walking toward your dreams?


Are you are ready to take the first action?